“As a lawyer by day and DIY’er by weekend, I needed superior design and technical assistance to tackle the air conditioning project I had in mind for our whole-house rehabilitation. The DuctWorks website appealed to me right away and, a few weeks later, I had a system design tailored to my specifications after consultation with the DuctWorks AC expert.  Always responsive and friendly, even after making modifications, DuctWorks is a company I would recommend to anyone with an HVAC project, expert or novice.”

Jim B.
Montclair, New Jersey

My husband and I are building our first home. To save on building costs we decided to do the furnace ductwork ourselves. We searched all over the arealooking for a book with some guidance to help us and found nothing! We searched the internet and found the DuctWorks website and realized they were geared towards the do-it-yourselfers just like us! We gave them a call, and setup an appointment!

We are so pleased with the results we received. DuctWorks was very helpful and explained everything in great detail. They gave us a list of the items we needed and they even did a drawing on our blueprints to show us how to put it all together, if we had any questions we called and they were right there to answer our questions. And when we ordered the parts, we compared DuctWorks’ prices with Home Depot and DuctWorks were much cheaper and the parts were better quality! And we saved so much MONEY!

Very Satisfied Customers . . .
Roger M. & Deana S.
Cadillac, MI

Thanks for you help and quick attention to this problem. I wish I had been able to find a heating contractor locally with your work ethic and attention to detail, but I will gladly take reliability over proximity any day… once again thanks for your super service.

Paul S.

You thought of just about everything I needed when you assembled and shipped the parts list. I thought it would be nearly impossible for you to have been able to sit in Michigan and design the system and anticipate every single fitting and piece that I would have needed (in West Virginia). You got it 99% right and that’s pretty damn good!

Kelvin L.
West Virginia

I wanted to thank you for your help in putting together our heating system. My wife and I are very pleased with the results.

Tim K.

I wanted to give you an update of my HVAC system. I installed the ductwork and registers myself based on your design. The system has been up and running for a few weeks now and works great!

Thanks for all of your help!
David F.

I appreciate your help with the installation questions and also the $$ savings. The estimates were at min. double to have the system installed compared to what I spent purchasing the kit from you!

Thank you,
Craig V.

I could not afford to do this project unless I did it myself. With the help I got from you and your company from the shopping stage to ordering and with the technical help while installing, I was able to complete the job with professional results. Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and use you again should a need arise.

Timothy S.

Thanks very much for the way you handled this transaction. If you ever need a reference or a testimonial, I would be more than happy to give one. As soon as I get a “leg-up” on this heating installation, we can begin planning the A/C process.

Art B.

P.S. I will recommend you to all of my friends and neighbors if they are ever in need of either air conditioning or heating.

Hi Mike

I just wanted to thank you for sending me the parts I needed. You are an excellent salesman and I wish you the very best in expanding your business and being successful. I am looking forward to watching you on diy network. Best of luck in your business and life in general.

Mason F.

Thank you for your quick response and FAST turn around time! I will have another customer for you in the next couple of months. His might be a bit more complicated, it’s an OLD 2 story farmhouse. Will talk with you soon!

Phil S.

Mike, working with you and your company was a pleasure. You made the job easy and your personal attention was outstanding. I will never forget the Saturday morning call you made to me when you figured out a better and easier way to build my return air duct system. It worked like a charm! Your layout, material and pricing were excellent. I can’t recall a more satisfying business transaction. To be honest, I was apprehensive about doing business on the internet with a company that I did not know, particularly with that much money involved, but you quickly allayed my fears and I felt more comfortable with the situation as we went along. Your initial layout fee was reasonable and once I received your proposal, I was satisfied that this was the way to go.

I want to thank you for all of your assistance. With your help and resources, I would gladly tackle a project like this again. I am so satisfied with the project that I plan to contact you again in the near future about a system for my detached shop/garage. Hopefully, I will start that this winter.

Thanks again,
Bill B.
Columbia, Missouri

As licensed HVAC contractor, we use DuctWorks layout and design services for our large residential projects. With their quick turn-around and concise design, we have peace of mind that the systems we are installing are sized properly to ensure comfort and efficacy.

Tom W.
Owner, Thomas Mechanical
Traverse City, MI

DIY Ductworks supplied and taught a zero experience guy like me, via email, how to install an HVAC system. That says it all about the high level of service, super prompt and accurate support, expertise, and patience DIY Ductworks provides to its inexperienced DIY customers.

Brett M.
Falling Waters, WV

“Quality contractors like W.S.C use only Ductworks services, materials and equipment for all their projects in northern Illinois”.

William S.

Thank you very much for all your help; it has been a pleasure working with you in designing complete duct work for my home.  I’m going to pass the word around about your product and service to as many people as I can.  I’m very pleased and thankful to find you, keep up your good work!”

Sean L.

DuctWorks’ staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They provided assistance and products that I could not obtain anywhere else. The products are extremely high quality, work as predicted, and the prices are more than fair. I would recommend DuctWorks without reservation and will be purchasing more products from them in the future!

Zionsville, IN

DuctWorks fiber board fabrication service is one you can depend on for quality workmanship. They will always meet your deadline so you can continue to work on each installation with no down time waiting for custom fittings and duct. I deal with many HVAC services in our industry and DuctWorks stands out with their quality workmanship, top notch service and excellent support. DuctWorks have exceeded our expectations of what an HVAC design and fabrication company should be.

Jeremy T.
Owner, Thon Heating & Cooling Services
Kingsley, MI

We really appreciate the DIY orientation of your business and the personal service you’ve been providing in answering our how-to questions. I’ve been telling other people about you and they’re all impressed by the notion that theirs a way to do ducting besides giving the whole job to an HVAC contractor. Hopefully, when the time comes, they’ll give you a call. I’m still working on the plans for our new house, but once they’re done I’d like you to design the HVAC system.

Thanks again!
New York

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