Terms & Conditions

Warranties & Service

All HVAC equipment sold by DuctWorks is new and covered by the full manufacturer’s warranty. A qualified licensed HVAC contractor or company can perform warranty service work. Labor charges are not covered by the manufacturer or by DuctWorks. Some manufacturers charge a nominal fee to process returned warranty parts. Shipping fees for warranty parts may not be covered by the manufacturer or by DuctWorks and are to be paid by the customer.

Equipment/Parts Install, Inspection & Start-Up

To protect your warranty and for your own safety, all HVAC equipment sold by DuctWorks must be inspected and started up by licensed contractor. All split-system condensing units must be inspected and started up be a licensed contractor who has been certified to purchase and handle refrigerants. Any qualified HVAC service company in your area can perform this work for you. HVAC equipment and parts sold on this web site by DuctWorks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) requires professional installation. The purchaser of such HVAC equipment and parts acknowledge that they are responsible to seek the services of trained HVAC service technicians/professionals. HVAC equipment and parts sold by Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) may require specialized tools and/or procedures for safe and normal operation of the said equipment/systems. Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) will not be held responsible for injury, property damage, or other losses associated with the use of items purchased from Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net). Although Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) supports the do-it-yourselfer, they does not encourage the servicing of HVAC equipment by untrained personnel, they do allow the public to purchase the necessary parts directly for use by trained and/or licensed professionals. DuctWorks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) cannot be held liable for damages, consequential or inconsequential, resulting from the installation or operation of HVAC equipment and parts. HVAC equipment and parts sold by DuctWorks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) are not intended to be installed by anyone without the proper expertise, background, and certification. While Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. (ductworks.net) support the do-it-yourselfers, you accept all risk for both installation and equipment selection. We strongly encourage an on-site inspection by a certified HVAC technician/professional. Purchaser hereby acknowledges that federal law prohibits opening the refrigeration lines of any equipment purchase. A properly licensed person must handle the refrigerant contained in any unit/system. Purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility for the safe and proper installation in accordance with applicable local code requirements.

Returned Items

Once shipped, all sales are final. Any delivery refused for any reason other than shipping damage will be subject to any applicable return shipping charges plus a 15% restocking charge. All returns must be in the “original carton” with the “original packing material”. Any order canceled after your credit card is “approved” but before shipment occurs will be subject to 10% of the order amount.

Mechanical Permits & Codes

It is the customer’s responsibility to pull all applicable permits and to follow all state and local codes when replacing existing HVAC equipment/system or when installing new HVAC equipment/system. DuctWorks also recommends that you have your HVAC equipment/system inspected and started up by a licensed HVAC contractor.

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