Ductwork Installation Video

DIY Ductwork Installation Video:

Step by Step Instructional video for installing your own air duct system: Sheet Metal ductwork, Fiber Duct Board & Flex duct.

Save thousands of dollars installing your own air duct system. With the help from this step by step instructional video, you can do just that. This video will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to successfully and safely install your own air duct system. It will take you through the duct installation concentrating on the basic procedures and get you familiar with the standard materials and common tools.
This video covers three types of duct systems all of which you can do yourself. Sheet Metal, Fiber Duct board and Flex duct.

When you are finished viewing this video, you will have basic knowledge and confidence to successfully and safely install your own air duct system.  This video will show you how to install ductwork.

DO-IT-YOURSELF Ductwork Installation VIDEO Sample: This video sample shows the Introduction to the video and one chapter (End Caps). This sample should give you a feel for what this video is all about. The complete video has 22 chapters and is 78 minutes long covering the duct installation from start to finish:

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This is what some of our customers are saying about our video:
“I recently purchased your How to install Duct Work DVD. For someone like myself who had no idea how to install duct work this DVD is the Holy Grale of do it yourself duct work. I had looked everywhere for information on how to do it myself to only discover very little information on the subject. I found really nothing on the internet and Lowes and Home Depot are geared more to the do it your selfer’s that already know how to do it. So thank you very much and this DVD literally will save me thousands of dollars”.

Jimmy S., Meriden, CT

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