Ductwork Design Services

We are a provider of residential HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system layout and design. We service the Do-It-Yourself home owner helping them to install their own system saving them thousands of dollars and ensuring that the system being installed in sized properly and designed correctly for optimal efficiency and comfort.  We combine over 25 years of experience in the Heating & Cooling/Construction industries with approved software versions of ACCA’s (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) procedures for residential load sizing (Manual J) and residential duct sizing (Manual D).

We use ACCA approved software to calculate the heat loss/heat gain of the house to size the equipment and ACCA approved software to size the ductwork. With this information we draw a complete duct system layout to scale, create a material list/quote for job cost estimates and/or for pulling a parts list to start your project.

Our services include providing a complete ductwork system layout for forced air systems, a load calculation to properly size the heating and air conditioning, a complete material list and our step by step ductwork installation instructional video.   We will also be here to answer all your questions, provide you with the resources and guide you through your project from start to finish and beyond.

If you choose to purchase the complete ductwork system from us, we will apply a portion of the design cost towards the purchase.

For a quote on your design, please fax your plans to (231)-269-3821 or fill out our “Contact Us” form.

Ductwork Layout Pricing

(Price includes our Step by Step DIY Ductwork Installation Instructional DVD.)

Complete System Design ( Layout, Load Calc. & Material List):  $375.00 min.

Load Calculation Only ( Heat Loss / Gain):  $100.00

* Complete System Design Includes Our Step by Step DIY Air Duct Installation Video!

Additional Charges

Multi-Story House, Add: $85.00 each story

A portion of your layout cost can be applied towards the purchase of your ductwork system if purchased from DuctWorks Heating & Cooling.

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